Bite Me Cookie Company- Logo design for a Pittsburgh cookie company. I wanted the identity to emphasis the gourmet yet playful attitude of the company while avoiding obvious "bite" imagery.

Bite Me Cookie Logo

theMrs. Logo- Identity creation for a craft blog and Etsy shop. The owner loved the stark contrast created by inkblots and wanted the overall logo to have a handmade quality.

TheMrs. Logo

Cross of Life Lutheran Church Logo- This progressive church was looking for an identity that spoke to their multi-cultural membership and separated them from the many churches in the community.

Cross of Life logo

American Eagle Outfitters' Summer Tour Logos- Variations of logo designs for American Eagle's Summer Tour campaign. The different logos were turned into rubber stamps and then stamped countless times until the ultimate distress patterns were achieved.

American Eagle Summer Tour Logos

Abernathy Park Apartments Logo- Identity for an upscale Atlanta apartment complex. They wanted their logo to reflect the modern feel and amenities of the complex yet remain true to its wooded park surroundings.

Abernathy Park Apartments Logo Vacation Rentals Logo- A variation of the logo transformed for the upstart Vacation Rentals website. Vacation Rentals Logo

GPC Financial Corporation Logo- Logo for a spin-off financial company of Global Payments Canada.

GPC Financial Corporation Logo

BOXX Logo- Identity for an installation art show featuring a series of hanging boxes.


Crystal Bead Bazaar Logo- Logo design for a bead store with an international bazaar feel and a pet cockatoo that lives in the store and serves as its mascot.

Crystal Bead Bazaar Logo