Move Outside the Box Mailer- Direct mail campaign. The "boxes" were digitally printed on a corrugated stock to emulate real moving boxes.

Box Mailer Box Mailer Angled

Oversized Exclamation Point Mailer- Direct mail iTunes giveaway campaign. When the "!" is turned upside down it reads as an "i". The final pieces were die-cut, laminated 12" tall mammoths to stand out in the mailbox.

Exclamation Mark Mailer Angled Exclamation Mark Mailer

Helping Hands Ad Campaign- Series of ads to promote the helpfulness of the Resource Guide section in Consumer Source's magazines.

Resource Guide Hands Ads

Auto Guide Employment Ad- Fill ad for Auto Guide publication.

Auto Guide Job Fufillment Ad

Auto Guide Blocks Ad Campaign- Mondrian-themed series of ads focused on Auto Guide's ability to have "something for everyone".

Auto Guide Blocks Campaign