Party Like a Rock Star- An invite for a trade show after-party at the Hard Rock Live Orlando. Accompanied by a matching flash animation, which played at the event throughout the night.

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Amazing "Feat" Ad Campaign- Ad campaign for Apartment Guide based around an Amazing "Feat" theme.

Amazing Feat Ad Campaign

Connect "Feat" Trade Show Booth- Trade show exhibit design based on the Amazing "Feat" ad campaign. The booth was a playable variation of Connect Four with giant velcro checkers. Awarded multiple Best of Show awards.

Connect Feat Trade Trade Show

Amaze Energy Drink- Packaging design for Amaze Energy Drink–a trade show giveaway item.

Amaze Energy Drink

Power of 2 Trade Show- Trade show design based on the "Power of 2" campaign. Contestants played a flash game on the booth monitors where they had to match famous pairs (like Bill and Ted or Hall and Oats).

Power of 2 trade show booth

RentRentar Brochure- Brochure for the launch of Apartment Guide's Spanish language website.

RentRentar Brochure RentRentar brochure open Flyer- Flyer highlighting elements of's website redesign.

Auto Guide Job Fufillment Ad

Knock out Your Vacancies Poster- Poster for a boxing-themed trade show.

Auto Guide Job Fufillment Ad